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tbs eFM This Morning with Alex Jensen

tbs eFM This Morning with Alex Jensen

Adriel Kasonta and Professor David Bailey discuss political and economic implications of delayed Brexit progress.

Sputnik News

#BREXIT: ‘It’s a slap for British democracy at large’ - analyst

Eleven cabinet ministers are planning “a full blown cabinet coup” to “remove Theresa May as prime minister”, the Sunday Times’ political editor said. The reporter also said that David Lidington, May’s de-facto deputy, Environment Secretary Michael Gove or Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt are among the contenders to become interim prime minister, according to the plan. He also quoted an unidentified minister as saying that Theresa May “will be gone in 10 days”. Earlier this week UK Prime Minister Theresa May told MPs that a third vote on her Brexit deal may not take place next week “if it appears there is not sufficient support”. In a letter to all MPs on Friday evening, Mrs May said: “If it appears that there is not sufficient support to bring the deal back next week, or the House of Commons rejects it again, we can ask for another extension before 12 April - but that will involve holding European Parliament elections.” That was one of four “clear choices” she outlined, along with revoking Article 50, which she said would “betray the result of the referendum”, leaving with no deal, or getting her deal approved next week. The final option relies on Commons Speaker John Bercow allowing her to bring the deal back after he previously ruled that another vote couldn't be held without “substantial” changes to the deal.

We discussed this with Adriel Kasonta, a political consultant and foreign affairs analyst based in London.

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‘Now Americans are trying to create a balancing coalition between Russia and the US’ - analyst

Prominent billionaire George Soros has launched an attack on China’s President Xi Jinping in his annual speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He warned that artificial intelligence and machine learning presented ‘unprecedented danger’ and ‘a mortal threat to open societies’ if used by authoritarian regimes. Soros has urged Washington to crack down on Chinese technology companies and said that President Xi’s Belt and Road investment plan was designed to promote only the interests of China.

Soros has also warned that the US and China are locked in a cold war that could soon turn into a hot one. The billionaire said that President Trump’s decision to call China a ‘strategic’ competitor was ‘too simplistic’. He said President Trump was making concessions to China while renewing his attacks on allies, which is liable to undermine the US policy objective of curbing China’s abuses and excesses. 
Soros said – quote – an effective policy towards China can’t be reduced to a slogan, adding that it needs to be far more sophisticated, detailed and practical; and it must include an American economic response to the Belt and Road Initiative.

Washington and Beijing have been engaged in a trade dispute over import tariffs for months. The next round of negotiations is expected to take place at the end of January when Chinese Vice Premier Liu He meets with US officials in Washington.

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Friday that Soros’ recent remark suggesting that Chinese President Xi Jinping is one of the strongest opponents of the concept of open societies does not even deserve to be refuted.

Radio Sputnik talked about George Soros’ speech at the economic forum with Adriel Kasonta, political consultant and foreign affairs analyst based in London.

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‘BBC actions are just continuation of McCarthyist witch-hunt against Russia’ - expert

A BBC stringer has admitted that the broadcaster is searching for proof of Russia’s alleged role in the “Yellow Vests”  protests in Paris, demanding that its journalists seek any leads that would point to Moscow.

Radio Sputnik discussed the BBC’s attempts to find ‘Russian trace’ in the French protests with Adriel Kasonta, a foreign affairs analyst based in London.

Sputnik News

‘Hillary Clinton and people like her are detached from the reality’ - expert

Europe must curb immigration to combat an increasing threat from right-wing populists.

This is what former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said in an interview with the Guardian.


Radio Sputnik discussed the comments with Adriel Kasonta, a foreign affairs analyst based in London.

Sputnik News

‘How can you accuse a country as big as Russia without having clear evidence?’ - expert

The Council of the European Union has adopted a new sanctions regime to counter the use of chemical weapons.


Radio Sputnik discussed the move with Adriel Kasonta, foreign affairs analyst based in London.

Adriel Kasonta: Has Brexit Become a US Foreign Policy Tool Against the EU and Russia?

Political analyst and consultant Adriel Kasonta discusses potential Brexit scenarios and how it has been weaponized by the United States against the EU and Russia.

Sputnik News

​‘United States is no longer the biggest boy on the playground’ - expert

China has urges the United States to immediately lift the new sanctions against Beijing over military cooperation with Russia.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman told a briefing that Washington will have to bear the consequences, if the sanctions are not cancelled.

Radio Sputnik discussed the latest US sanctions against China with Adriel Kasonta, political consultant and analyst.


The Three Seas Initiative: Has Poland’s Moment Finally Arrived?

The third summit of the Three Seas Initiative will take place in Bucharest next week, and although this regional framework is still in its fledgling stages, the geopolitical ambition behind the Warsaw-led structure makes one wonder whether Poland’s moment has finally arrived.

Andrew Korybko is joined by Adriel Kasonta, foreign affairs analyst based in London and Adrian Lonescu, romanian political commentator.


Trump Trade Tariffs: Bye-Bye to Big Trade Blocks

Trump’s imposition of his promised steel and aluminium tariffs has sparked outrage from America’s economic allies, endangering the prospective Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and potentially spelling the end of NAFTA. 

Adriel Kasonta, a foreign affairs analyst based in London and Joaquin Flores, editor in chief of Fort Russ News and director of the Center for Syncretic Studies, commented on the issue.

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