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Adriel Kasonta Consultancy is a political risk consulting boutique run by a London-based political analyst and lawyer.


Adriel Kasonta is a former research fellow and chairman of the International Affairs Committee at the oldest conservative think tank in the United Kingdom, the Bow Group. In this role, he authored a research paper titled “Reflections on the Revolution in Ukraine” that provides a first-hand account of the Maidan Uprising and its tragic aftermath. Kasonta was also the editor and leading author of a groundbreaking report on the long term geopolitical and economic impact of restrictive measures imposed by the collective West on Moscow titled “The Sanctions on Russia.


Furthermore, Kasonta was honoured to be invited by Lord Tebbit to author a research paper explaining philosophical and historical determinants underlying Brexit titled “British Euroscepticism,” which was published by the Bruges Group think tank.


His opinion pieces, policy analysis, and interviews can be found at Forbes, Cato Institute, National Review, CapX, The National Interest (TNI), The American Conservative (TAC),, EurActiv, Policy Network, The Times of Israel, Asia Times, South China Morning Post (SCMP), Beijing Review, China Daily, and China Global Television Network (CGTN)to name a few.

Adriel Kasonta

From the beginning of the world it has been ordained that certain signs must needs precede certain events.” - Cicero


Political Analyst and Commentator





PM Boris Johnson
The National Interest logo

Global Britain’s trade ambitions amid the China factor

EU-China relations
China Daily logo

Ecological cooperation key to EU-China ties in post-pandemic world

President Xi Jinping
Policy Network logo

The great decoupling: US-China relations



Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi
Asia Times logo

Questionable choices shaping the new world order


Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Forbes logo

How to win the information war with Russia: Free will, unbiased consciousness of Central and Eastern European post-colonial asset

Mevlut Cavusoglu
National Review logo

The West must learn to say no to Turkey


European Parliament in Brussels
CapX logo

The sun begins to set on Brussels’ utopian dream

'Jacobites,' by John Pettie
The National Interest logo

High Toryism can make Britain Great again

EU refugee crisis
The American Conservative logo

Why Eastern Europe rejects refugee quotas

Crossbow logo.PNG

Crossbow magazine: A conservative Manifesto for the Party & the Nation

Party Conference season should be a critical, indispensable time in the British Political calendar for the nation’s most prominent political movements to come together, listen to each other and the nation, remember core principles and make a pitch for a better government. 


The Bow Group won’t be taking part in Conservative Party Conference this year, because after a long campaign for greater freedom and democracy in the Conservative Party and at its Conference, we feel that genuine forum for conservatism for the freedom and democracy of Conservative Party members remains absent from the event, in favour of a corporate venue for press and lobbyists. 

We hope to return next year, under a conservative government, to engage with a reformed Party and a reformed Conference. That is why we have produced our vision and blueprint for a conservative party, and a conservative Britain: A conservative Manifesto.





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