Adriel Kasonta is a London-based professional with a strong background in law, politics, business, diplomacy and international communication, who runs Adriel Kasonta Consultancy | Political Risk Consulting.


Kasonta is a former project manager at the British Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC) in London, as well as research fellow and chairman of the International Affairs Committee at the oldest conservative think tank in the United Kingdom, the Bow Group. In the latter role, he authored a research paper titled “Reflections on the Revolution in Ukraine,” and was the editor and leading author of a report titled “The Sanctions on Russia.” Furthermore, in this capacity, he also authored a research paper titled “British Euroscepticism,” which was published by the Bruges Group think tank.


His opinion pieces, policy analysis, and interviews can be found at Forbes, National Review, CapX, The National Interest, The American Conservative,, EurActiv, Policy Network, The Times of Israel, Asia Times, Beijing Review, China Daily, China Global Television Network (CGTN), Russia Today (RT), and Sputnik News, to name a few.

Adriel Kasonta

From the beginning of the world it has been ordained that certain signs must needs precede certain events.” - Cicero


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British Euroscepticism

British Euroscepticism

The supremacy of Parliament is a refuge of freedom in Britain. The weakening of the sovereignty of Parliament is not only a threat to the independence of the legislative and libertarian tradition but also a threat to the rule of law, which rests on the legal legitimacy founded by elected lawmakers. This kind of legitimacy cannot be ensured by the European institutions which do not have the right to demand obedience from the European citizens, since it rests on national identities embedded in individual states. The so called democratic deficit is getting worse with every interference of EU law in the lives of the people.

It is being continuously emphasized that in Britain, various EU rules are construed as a malign attack on the British way of life which needs to be repelled.

Europeanness means the British identity being just one among many. The problem is that the EU possesses no historical or cultural basis. Therefore, it is doomed to be perceived as a rather abstract and artificially made concept.


Adriel Kasonta with Edwin Meese
Adriel Kasonta with Edwin Meese

Me with Mr Edwin Meese, Ronald Reagan's close friend and a noted Republican attorney, law professor and author who served in official capacities within the Ronald Reagan Gubernatorial Administration (1967–1974), the Reagan Presidential Transition Team (1980) and the Reagan White House (1981–1985), eventually rising to hold the position of the 75th Attorney General of the United States (1985–1988) - The Inaugural Ronald Reagan Lecture at Margaret Thatcher Centre (2015)

Adriel Kasonta with Norman Tebbit
Adriel Kasonta with Norman Tebbit

Me with Lord Norman Tebbit, a member of the Conservative Party, who served in the Cabinet from 1981 to 1987 as Secretary of State for Employment (1981–83), Secretary of State for Trade and Industry (1983–85), Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (1985–87) and Chairman of the Conservative Party (1985–87). He was a member of parliament (MP) from 1970 to 1992, representing the constituencies of Epping (1970–74) and Chingford (1974–92), and since 1992 seats in the House of Lords as Baron Tebbit

Adriel Kasonta with Nikolai Tolstoy
Adriel Kasonta with Nikolai Tolstoy

Me with Count Nikolai Tolstoy, the head of the senior branch of the Tolstoy family and the stepson of the author Patrick O'Brian, at his mansion (2017)

Adriel Kasonta with Justine Greening
Adriel Kasonta with Justine Greening

Me with Justine Greening MP, former Secretary of State for International Development and Secretary of State for Education in Theresa May's first government (2014)

Adriel Kasonta with Ian Duncan Smith
Adriel Kasonta with Ian Duncan Smith

Me with Ian Duncan Smith MP, former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (2014)

Adriel Kasonta with Liu Xin
Adriel Kasonta with Liu Xin

Me with Liu Xin, a host and journalist at China Global Television Networks (CGTN), now hosting the opinion show named The Point with Liu Xin on weekdays at CGTN - 'Changing Landscapes - the Media, #Brexit and #China,' London (2018)

Adriel Kasonta with Peter Lavelle
Adriel Kasonta with Peter Lavelle

Me with Peter Lavelle, an American journalist and host of CrossTalk, on the English-language TV channel RT - 'Imperialism on Trial: #FreeJulianAssange,' London (2020)

Adriel Kasonta with Gawain Towler
Adriel Kasonta with Gawain Towler

Me with Gawain Towler, former Director of Communications for the Brexit Party and previous Head of Press for UKIP - 'Dream to Reality: 16 years on the road to #Brexit,' London (2020)




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